You may have heard of meditation. You may associate it with yoga, some religions such as Buddhism, or some other mystical philosophy. It is all personal preference. I personally associate it with “giving the brain a rest”.

The ultimate meditation is basically the art of putting yourself into a deep state of relaxation and focusing on nothing. If you achieve this it is called “Nirvana”. It is very difficult to do and takes years of practise. I have heard that when you are in this state, you are awake and aware, but are thinking of nothing. No thoughts are entering your mind. This is why it is so difficult. When you are conscious, the brain wants to think about something. In reality, you can still get great benefit by a slightly lesser form of meditation where you put yourself into a state of deep relaxation and limit your thoughts to a minimum by trying to focus on just one thing. This one thing may be counting out your breaths for example. Despite what your yoga teacher tells you, you don’t have to sit upright with your legs crossed while resting the backs of your hands on your knees and touching your thumbs and forefingers together. You can do this if you wish, but personally I prefer lying down, or sitting in a recliner. It is far more comfortable!

Other focal points can be music, a flame from a candle, a drawing, a spot on the ceiling, or anything really. The more singular and boring the focal point, the harder it is, but the closer you are to perfect meditation. I just like to concentrate purely on music; absorbing it, trying not to let anything interfere with my concentrating on the music. If your mind starts to wander, don’t get involved with the thought, just let it wander by and try to gently push your focus back to your singular point of meditation.