“Psycho” means mind and Therapy means “treatment”. So Psychotherapy simply means “Treatment of the mind. It is different from psychiatry although it means pretty much the same thing. Psychiatry tends to focus on drug-related treatment, whereas psychotherapy focuses on talk-related treatment. Psychotherapy is an encompassing term, which covers many different types of talking-type treatments. Counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are all types of psychotherapy. The type of psychotherapy that suits a person best is very individual and depends on the person’s psychological makeup, the type of condition to be treated, the personal preference of the individual etc. If you are new to psychotherapy, it is probably worth trying them all out to see which one you think may be able to help you best. Further, the choice of therapist is individual too. You may find some therapists more suited to your needs than others. So just because someone isn’t right for you does not make them a bad therapist, it just means he/she isn’t suited to you. It is very important you choose somebody you like and feel comfortable with. Only then can they fully empathise with you. A strong empathetic connection between therapist and patient is a pre-requisite for successful treatment.